Kayaking around Lake Nicaragua

One of the most obvious advantages to having our hotel on an island is the availability of water to play in. The numerous inlets, islands and shallow water around Lake Nicaragua have created a playground for kayaks, snorkeling, and fishing.

A shallow area between two islands at Jicaro

A shallow area between two islands at Jicaro

Kayaking is a great way to see the sights around Jicaro. Unlike a motorboat, the noise of kayaking is minimal and you will get a great workout too! It’s a win-win!

Using the double kayak can be fun! Saves on paddle power.

Using the double kayak can be fun! Saves on paddle power.

The other advantage of a quiet vessel is any wildlife will not be disturbed as you navigate through the glassy water of lake Nicaragua.  There are many species of animals and birds that can only be found around the shores of this lake, make sure you hop in a kayak while you’re here to see some.

Nicaraguan cocktail class

Our guests at Jicaro Island Ecolodge have many options when it comes to activities.

This is a really fun way to learn a a new recipe and a bit more about Nicaraguan culture. Guests will learn how to prepare fresh and delicious cocktails to then be tasted (and enjoyed!) at the bar.

A fresh cocktail made in a cocktail class in Nicaragua.

A fresh cocktail made in a cocktail class in Nicaragua.

On this occasion we decided to have our cocktail classes outdoor close to the eco-swimming pool, each of the guests took turn to prepare their best drink.

A perfect place to drink cocktails after class.

A perfect place to drink cocktails after class.

The preparation of cocktails at our Ecolodge is one of the many fun experiences our guests enjoy during their stay with us!

Earthquake Shakes Nicaragua

Yesterday, April 10th, 2013 a 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook the northern shore of Nicaragua’s Lake Managua, after which a 5.1 magnitude aftershock hit about 20 miles south.

Earthquakes are fairly common along Nicaragua’s western coast, as it sits at the boundary between two tectonic plates, the Cocos plate and the Caribbean plate. Despite the relatively strong magnitude of yesterday’s earthquake, there were only 23 reported injuries and no deaths. The last two earthquakes in the region were in 2004 and 2005, in which there were also no reported deaths.

Despite the relatively higher frequency of earthquakes in Nicaragua than in many other countries and regions, the low number of deaths indicates a particular and realistic preparedness by the people of Nicaragua. It also indicates a few other factors, which combine to make the region, and population, very resilient to the Earth’s natural tremors and shakes. 

Firstly, much of the construction in Nicaragua is done with natural materials, as opposed to more popular western materials like concrete which cracks, so when a structure is shaken there is more give with which to absorb the shock. Secondly, the majority of architecture throughout Nicaragua relatively low in height, so there aren’t the same issues of huge buildings crashing down, as there are in some other countries. Thirdly, there is generally a reduced amount of excess weight in the buildings, as many people opt for natural shade and cooling methods, as oppose to larger, heavier, more expensive air-conditioning and cooling infrastructures.

There are certain dangers associated with being in any place, and as long as you’re aware, prepared and willing to be flexible, you’re very likely to fare well in the event of any unexpected occurrence!

We send good wishes and positive thoughts to all the people of Nicaragua affected by the earthquake!

Morning Coffee Room Service

Nicaraguan coffee is some of the best in the world. At Jicaro we want to make sure our guests can enjoy a morning coffee in the most peaceful and beautiful setting in the world. Drinking a Nicaraguan tea or coffee while overlooking lake Nicaragua from your private island at Jicaro Island Ecolodge.

Drinking coffee while the air is still crisp in the morning.

Drinking coffee while the air is still crisp in the morning.

Having a locally made coffee in an amazing place is how we like to start our days at Jicaro. It gives you time to contemplate what you will do today… climb a volcano? Tour historic Granada? Go fishing? Yoga on the deck? Or read a book. The day is yours.

5 unbelievable facts about Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua has some amazing stories to share, and so we have compiled five amazing, unbelievable facts about the waters than surround Jicaro Island Ecolodge.

A lake by another name

Nicaraguans also refer to Lake Nicaragua as Lago Cocibolca, meaning Sweet Sea!

Boating on Lake Nicaragua

Boating on Lake Nicaragua

A port city!

Lake Nicaragua drains to the Caribbean Sea via the San Juan River, making the city of Granada, Nicaragua, an Atlantic port! But, geographically, Granada and Lake Nicaragua are closer to the Pacific Ocean.

Taking a kayak tour on the lake

Taking a kayak tour on the lake

 The Earth moved

Lake Nicaragua was formed by tectonic activity, and as many of the isletas (one of which is the spot where Jicaro Island Ecolodge is located) were formed by a volcanic explosion.

Two guests stand up paddle boarding at Jicaro Island Ecolodge.

Two guests stand up paddle boarding at Jicaro Island Ecolodge.

Don’t get lost!

Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America, the 9th largest in the Americas, and the 19th largest lake in the world!

The view looking out over the lake in NIcaragua

Travelers love the peacefulness of Lake Nicaragua

How to relax

Being a Nicaraguan Ecolodge makes Jicaro Island the perfect spot for those looking for a relaxing vacation. Our guests can enjoy a massage at one of our open air treatment rooms in our wellness center, or stretch out with Yoga on the deck.

Getting a massage in Jicaro's open air spa rooms

Getting a massage in Jicaro’s open air spa rooms

Our spa has the kind of massage that will make your vacation unforgettable. Fill yourself with the tranquility, peace, and harmony that you can only find on a small island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

Having a spa treatment is the perfect way to relax on holiday

Having a spa treatment is the perfect way to relax on holiday

Make sure you contact us about making a massage or spa treatment part of your vacation to Nicaragua. It will be unforgettable. 

Cooking classes in Nicaragua

Jicaro is an amazing Nicaraguan ecolodge. It is a place where you can not only enjoy the natural beauty of the region, your inner peace of mind, but also have a beautiful experience, learning about the preparation of local, Nicaraguan food. This is one of the activities guests love participating in.  After enjoying a day on a tour or on the island, everybody meet at the kitchen with our chef to have a cooking class.

The sign at Jicaro in Isletas Granada

The sign at Jicaro in Isletas Granada

During your visit at Jicaro Island Ecolodge, you can enjoy the preparation of different dishes of our delicious Nicaraguan cuisine. Local, fresh and healthy food is prepared in our cooking class.

Staying at a Luxury Ecolodge means you can do anything, including make traditional Nicaraguan food.

Staying at a Luxury Ecolodge
means you can do anything, including make traditional Nicaraguan food.

Be a part of the preparation of your own meal, sharing with our chef, who will gladly provide you with all the ingredients to create and then enjoy an exquisite dish.

Sustainable Honeymoon in Nicaragua

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes a baby in a … oh wait… we missed the honeymoon!  A honeymoon is the opportunity for two people to relax and enjoy time together, without worrying or being preoccupied with the rest of the world. A time to really relish and savour their love and their time together. But, is there a way to enjoy the highest level of luxury, service and adventure, in an eco-friendly way? Well, it’s nice to meet you, we’re Jicaro Island Ecolodge, and believe you can.

Jicaro Island at Sunset

Jicaro Island at Sunset

Here, you can enjoy gorgeous hikes volcanic mountains, tranquil yoga sessions, fresh water fishing, spa treatments, exquisite culinary experiences and impeccable service all in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. The world opens up a little more each day with travel becoming easier and more routine, and we believe that this only has negative repercussions when travel is done with no regard for the environment or culture one is visiting. Here is a way to break away from that routine and to travel sustainably; ensuring that you leave where you went a better place than it was before.

Yoga in the warm afternoon!

Exercise lakeside in the warm afternoon!

Newlyweds who come to us must be: adventuresome, engaged, eco-friendly and open-minded, while also having high standards with respect to service and all-around experience! On your honeymoon, in our opinion, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice having a high-end, comfortable, luxury experience in the name of being an eco-friendly traveler, when you can stay with us, and achieve both. From our water being heated via solar panels and our use of 100% organic and biodegradable soaps, detergents and spa products, to our chlorine free pool filtration system and our buying, producing and hiring locally, we are dedicated to not only being neutral in our impact, but being positive in our impact, and you can be a part of that.

Paddle Boarding on Lake Nicaragua

Paddle Boarding on Lake Nicaragua

We have commenced a search for a eco-conscious couple who will win a free stay with us at Jicaro, to enjoy the most luxurious, green honeymoon the world has ever seen! Learn more here: http://www.cayugaonline.com/eco_honeymoon_quest/




Connecting and supporting education in Nicaragua

This morning our guests took a trip to Padre Nello school where Jicaro Island Ecolodge is working on a community development project. Linda and Jerry are visiting Jicaro for their second time, and they brought 16 of their friends with them!

Boat ride

After enjoying a delicious breakfast they got onto the boat to head to the mainland while enjoying the natural beauty of the islands. On the way we met a boy fishing with his net and his rowboat, who showed us some fish he had trapped and later would be prepared to feed his family. He was very happy to hear that guests were going to visit the school where he is attending classes.

Hoping on a swing!

Setting up the new swing

Once they arrived at the school they walked round classrooms and then placed a swing to welcome the children to their new school year. School begins in the second week of February. They also brought school supplies for the children. On the way Back to Jicaro Island some of our guests visited a family to connect more with local culture. There, were other children who also attend the school at Padre Nello.

Guests and school children

We are so happy our guest can support the community of the little island!

Tenth annual International Festival of Poetry in Granada, Nicaragua.

The colonial city of Granada is celebrating it’s tenth annual poetry festival from Feb 16 – 22, 2014. This year’s festival will be paying special tribute to one of Nicaragua’s greatest poets, Rubén Darío “Prince of Castilian Letters”, father of modernism in Spanish poetry.


Participants will be joining us from over 50 countries. Events will be held in the main streets of Granada, in churches, and other local areas of interest. In addition to world class poetry there will be other artisans presenting making this a festival of Nicaraguan culture.

Guests watching the cultural performance at Jicaro near Granada, Nicaragua.

Guests watching the cultural performance at Jicaro near Granada, Nicaragua.

We’re looking forward to hosting you while you’re here!