10 Simple Spanish Phrases



While the majority of our staff speak fluent English, knowing a few simple words and phrases will go a long way to improving your authentic Nicaraguan experience.

The basics, including thank you (gracias) and please (por favor) will help when arriving at our resort.



Other phrases will help during tours, activities and meals.

10 simple Spanish phrases to learn, include:

Good day/evening/night

Spanish tends to be a bit more formal than English, so the time of day will affect the greeting to use.

Good day – Buenos dias

Good– Buenas noches

Hello! Goodbye!

One of the most common practices in Nicaragua is to say hello and goodbye to guests and friends alike.

Hello is hola!

Goodbye is adios!

How are you?

Want to know how the employees at our resort are doing? Ask them, “Cómo estás?” and we know they’ll respond with a smile!Forming pottery on a wheel in Nicaragua

I would like…

When ordering a meal, you’ll likely have a menu, so start with a simple order by saying, “I would like” or in Spanish, “Quiero…” For example: Quiero dos cervezas is I would like two beers.

Numbers 1 through 10

There are even songs about numbers in Spanish, so try to learn the following numbers. This will help when you order drinks poolside…

One – uno

Two – dos

Three – tres

Four – Quattro

Five – Cinqo

Six – Seis

Seven – siete

Eight – ocho

Nine – nueve 

Ten – diez

Where is the bathroom?

Because we all need to know! In Spanish, this phrase should point you in the right direction: dónde está el baño

Does anyone speak English?

Just in case your newly perfect Spanish isn’t coming across, try, saying, “alguien habla Inglés.”

What time is it?

We’re hoping that you’re not keeping track of the time too closely, but in case you decide to fly home (we know you likely won’t want to) you can ask: Qué hora es.

How much is it?

Feel like buying a hand-made, Nicaraguan keepsake, or a pound of delicious Nicaraguan coffee? You might want to ask, cuánto cuesta, before dropping down your córdobas(the currency of Nicaragua).

I love Nicaragua

We hope you love Nicaragua as much as we do. If it’s true, don’t forget to tell everyone, “Me encanta Nicaragua!

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