A Day at Jicaro Island Eco Lodge


Your day begins waking up to the calls of birds and other surrounding wildlife. As you leisurely rouse from your comfortable bed nestled in your private bungalow, you stand up and look out to see the beautiful Lake Nicaragua grinning back at you. With pristine waters and beautiful Isletas, the lake is an enticing site for exploration and discovery.

A shallow area between two islands at Jicaro

A shallow area between two islands at Jicaro

After your eyes have truly begun to open and your body begins to wake up, your find nourishment with a cup of warm fresh coffee and a hand made omelet accented with a plentiful helping of local tropical fruit. Now that your body is rested and fed, you’re ready to tackle a big day ahead.

Drinking coffee while the air is still crisp in the morning.

Drinking coffee while the air is still crisp in the morning.

Tropical local fruit bowl, Nicaragua

Making your way to the hotel dock, you board a water taxi that takes you directly to the foot of the Mombacho Volcano, which can be seen from the island.

Shuttle boat on dock at Jicaro Island Eco-LodgeYou spend the next glorious two hours hiking through the rainforest, soaking in the fresh and vibrant wilderness. Learning everything from the creatures and greenery that make up the rainforest, to the lasting impact of colonial farming on the Mombacho, the trek is educational, active and exciting.

A tour from Jicaro island Ecolodge hiking up a volcano in Nicaragua.

Hiking up a volcano in Nicaragua

Now that you’re exhausted and hungry it’s time for lunch! Stopping at an idyllic hot spring located on the shore of the lake, you will enjoy your picnic lunch, and then take a refreshing and replenishing plunge in the hot springs. After getting in a little relaxation it’s time to go for a little kayak, where you’ll paddle around the islands and get a new and close-up perspective on the area and her inhabitants.

Bird watching at its best.

Bird watching at its best.

Once you’re done, head back to the resort by boat, with the warm and peaceful afternoon just beginning to cradling Jicaro Island. Once back at Jicaro, have a little siesta in one of the hammocks, followed by a cool tropical cocktail to begin the evening. Perhaps a walk along the shoreline is the best way to watch the Nicaraguan sun dip below the horizon! With the evening closing in, it’s time to eat, and head to bed.

Breakfast scones at Jicaro Island Eco-LodgeTo finish this magnificent day, enjoy your meal on our floating deck! Whether you’re with a friend, a family member, a partner or just yourself, is the perfect way to dine.

Romantic dinner at Jicaro Island Eco-Lodge

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