A Floridian’s Nicaragua Experience


Nicaragua is still one of those ‘less traveled’ destinations. Most would question it as maybe not being the best place to visit, but I completely disagree, so should you and here is why. I recently visited on a solo trip to the country and had nothing short of an amazing experience. In a world where we all want to find the next best thing, now you can help discover the incredible country of Nicaragua. This post shares just a few of my favorite things, but hope that it will help guide you in building your ideal Nicaragua vacation.

Sunseting on the lake at Jicaro Island Eco-lodgeChoosing the right property is key. When I first arrived to Jicaro Island Ecolodge, I was unsure where I was arriving to because I arrived late in the night. It was pretty dark, aside from the candles and minimal lighting to help guide you to the common area. The property immediately intrigued me to want to see more. Once I had a good night’s rest, I woke up on a little piece of heaven situated right in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. I had to actually take a second and realize where I was. It was amazing. The two-story casitas made me feel as though I had my own haven amongst this unique private island. Yes, I did say private island and let that sink in one more time. You are in your own private two-story casita on a secluded private island.

During a vacation, it is also the small things that count. From the welcome drink to being able to paddle board and kayak around the lake at any given time, nothing went unnoticed. The paddle boards and kayaks are accessible to you at any time and the wonderful staff will get you all set up in second, completed with water and towels upon arrival back. Cocktail hour was also a great way to interact with the staff and other guests.

Cocktail hour!

Cocktail hour!

When at Jicaro, you become a part of the family. From before you even arrive to after you leave, you are immediately connected to the staff at Jicaro Island Ecolodge. Aside from the remarkable food, every dining experience offered up something incredible. Breathtaking views, delicious meals and the lovely staff made each meal memorable. I also never wanted to leave the property, but during my day tour of the volcanoes, the city of Granada and a trip to the central market; I felt even more connected to the wonderful country. I explored and met tons of locals who embraced me with open arms. We additionally visited the local school and learned about all of the amazing initiatives that Jicaro Ecolodge actually implemented there. It was remarkable.

I could go on and on, but I think that this helps give a great overview to what a few amazing days in Nicaragua at Jicaro Island Ecolodge are like. What are you waiting for, head over there now!Masaya, Nicaragua Market

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