A [Meal] in the Life…


At Jicaro Island Ecolodge you will be relentlessly subjected to… delicious food!

Our amazing chefs are unstoppable, continuously imagining and creating mouthwatering, innovative and culturally inspired dishes. I am going to take you through the steps to show you how the local and organic ingredients transform into the culinary explosions of deliciousness that they do.

First, we go into the wild. We catch much of our seafood ourselves in this very lake. We pluck most of our fruit from the trees that surround this very lake. We grow many of our vegetables on and around our grounds, by this very lake. All local, all good.

Sunseting on the lake at Jicaro Island Eco-lodge

Next, we begin preparation. Here is one of our highly skilled chefs peeling a juicy beet. The time and care that we put into each dish is tasted by your ‘buds, we assure you.


Then, we cook. We also invite our guests to come back to the kitchen with us, take a look around and see how we make all that we do! You’re even welcome to lend a helping hand if you’re so inclined.

Staying at a Luxury Ecolodge means you can do anything, including make traditional Nicaraguan food.

Then, we set the table. We are always looking to provide the best service possible to our guests, so tell us how you like it! Enjoy a family dinner cozied up in our restaurant right beside the open kitchen, or request a romantic dinner on the dock. Whether you’re celebrating the first moments as husband and wife, looking to get the ball rolling in that department or just wanting a lovely dinner together, this spot is ideal.

Romantic dinner at Jicaro Island Eco-LodgeLastly, WE EAT!

Prawn tacos with rice and tomato and corn salsaAnd of course, WE DRINK!

Refreshing Mint and Lime Cocktail from Jicaro Island Eco-LodgeAnd perhaps to finish off your lovely meal… you have some lovely fresh tropical fruit.

Tropical local fruit bowl, Nicaragua
Well, if that doesn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what will. But don’t believe me, come and taste for yourself!

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