A Quick Update on our Sustainability Projects


The past years have been busy for us in terms of our work with the local community JicaroIslandEcolodge-LakviewPatio
around Jicaro. We’ve been focused on improving the conditions and installations of the Padre Nello school near Jicaro and–over the next months– we would like to expand our reach to other schools and help them improve infrastructure. We would also like to focus a bit more physical and mental health in surrounding communities and get involved in a reforestation project of the Asese Peninsula, where Jicaro is located. We will keep you posted on progress. If you would like to get involved with any of these projects, let us know!

What have we done in the past? 

  • We installed a potable water system at the local school so that students no longer have to drink unfiltered water from the lake. 
  • We installed solar panels to power the water pumps and to make the school useable after dark (for adult education or other activities). 
  • We upgraded the school’s equipment and utensils.
Getting our new water pumps delivered

Getting our new water pumps delivered

What are we doing right now? 

  • A few months ago, we started a program called “a glass of milk” to fight malnutrition among students.  Every student receives a glass of milk and a snack before starting classes. This program was an initiative of the Jicaro Hotel Staff. 
  • We are supporting a group of local women in setting up their business of sowing clothes for sale in the community.  We donated utensils and machinery. 
  • We arranged for psychologists visits to help parents cope with the challenges that they and their children face every day. 

School Kids At Padre Nello

What is next? 

  • Identify needs and get involved with infrastructure projects for other schools in need. 
  • Expanding the educational education program “Learning is Change” to other schools in the area. 
  • Get started on the project to reforest the Asese Peninsula with native trees.  We have started a tree nursery at Jicaro and will work with the local authorities on this plan in the next years. 

We are just a nine room ecolodge but– thanks to your help– we’ve been able to achieve a lot. Help us spread the word.  Every guest that visits Jicaro makes it possible for us to do more work on future sustainability projects.   

Planting seeds for the future at Padre Nello

Planting seeds for the future at Padre Nello

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