A time to give back.


Sunset at Jicaro Island Eco Lodge, Nicaragua

Sunset at Jicaro Island Eco Lodge, Nicaragua

One of the greatest joys of the holiday season is giving and the Cayuga Collection, and particularly Jicaro Eco-Lodge loves to give back to the community and the environment that are so kind to have us as their  neighbors.

During 2014 we have taken the following actions to give back to our community and we will carry on with the same commitment for cultural and environmental conservancy in 2015.

  • Water is filtered for drinking, so no plastic bottles going to landfill.
  • Water is heated with solar panels for guest and kitchen use.
  • No air conditioning is installed on the island. Cross ventilation and ceiling fans create enough of a cooling effect to ensure guest comfort.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. While there is a strong recycling program installed, the focus due to the island location is on reducing. Bring as little trash to the island as possible.
  • Wastewater is treated on the island with a treatment plant complying not only with Nicaraguan but internationally accepted standards.
  • Hiring of a local staff is essential to the success of the lodge. We want to spread the potential wealth that tourism brings to Nicaragua by hiring locals as employees, subcontracting services locally and buying and producing locally.Help Us Give Back
  • Use of organic and biodegradable soaps, cleaning detergents and spa products.
  • Chlorine free systems to clean water in the pool.
  • Energy efficient lighting and illumination throughout the island.
  • Underground electricity system that does not interfere with the surrounding wildlife.
  • Low energy bulbs
  • Education of local communities in sustainable practices
  • Pigs and chickens are raised and kept in the premises.
  • The Padre Nello School:  Padre Nello School is located just a short boat ride away from Jicaro on the mainland shores of Lake Nicaragua. Approximately 88 children attend Padre Nello School every day.

This holiday season we thank our community for everything it as done for us and we reiterate our commitment towards its sustainable development in 2015.

Sustainability Projects at Jicaro in Nicaragua

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