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We have written so many amazing blogs about the stunning wildlife guests enjoy at Jicaro Island Ecolodge, the activities that are made available being situated on Lake Nicaragua, and why Nicaragua is such a wonderful place to visit. However, we have never written a blog about games to play in the beautiful infinity pool on our property, and we really feel that has been an oversight.

Since the beginning of time humans have enjoyed rough-housing and frolicking in bodies of water. Well, here is a list of some of the best games to play in the swimming pool. Also, we do not discriminate based on age, and we hope that even adults can enjoy some of these childhood classics!

1. Mermaids
Since Ariel made the whole idea of mermaids a little less scary and a little more fun, children have enjoyed pretending to be these half-human-half-fish sea creatures. Those rock structures that make up the edge of the pool are perfect for perching your mermaid/merman-self, to await a curious sailor, or perhaps the merman, or mermaid, of your dreams.

NIC_131213_004782. Marco Polo
This game, named after the renowned Venetian explorer who introduced Europe to Central Asia and China, is timeless. One person is it, and they close their eyes, and everyone else tries to keep from getting tagged. When whoever is “it” says “Marco” you have to reply with “Polo”, giving them a clue as to where you are!

3. Penguins
This one is particularly fun if you’re okay with jumping in and out of the pool, many times. One person is the leader, and everyone else stands on the edge of the pool. The leader begins to say words that start with the letter “P”, and when they say “Penguin” everyone has to jump in the pool, swim to the opposite side and back, and get out of the pool again. The last one out loses! A very fun and active game.

NIC_131213_004754. Somersault competition
This one may be just as timeless as “Marco Polo”. In this game, participants simply see how many underwater somersaults they can do in a row. It is a test of how long you can hold your breath while doing a little physical activity. This game is a little quieter too, so if the pool deck is full of people serenely enjoying their books, as it often is, this would be a good game to play!

5. Handstand competition
Finally, the handstand competition. Contestants have to do a handstand, with just over half of their body in the water. Often there is a judge, who rates the handstand based on duration, style and form. Also a good quiet game, and one that can entertain for hours, until those hands go all pruney!

NIC_131213_00480We hope that gets you excited for a tropical vacation in Nicaragua!

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