All the Cool Ecolodges are Doing It: How Jicaro Keeps Cool without A/C


“No air conditioning? In Nicaragua? Won’t we melt?!”  Is something we hear a lot of from first time guests booking a stay at Jicaro. Luckily, their fears of melting in their sleep are qualmed the moment they step foot into our casitas. Despite having no A/C, Jicaro’s jungle treehouses stay surprisingly cool. How do we do it?


Cross Ventilation

Each casita is meticulously designed to optimize air flow. Windows and vents on opposite sides of your casita provide cool breezes with a natural pathway through each room. Consider it nature’s air conditioning.

Ceiling Fans

For when nature’s breezes fail, each casita is equipped with DIY breeze-makers (A.K.A. ceiling fans) that get air flowing through your tree-house hut. Combine these fans with our cross ventilation systems and you’ll be cool as a clam.

Trees Wonderful Trees

Not a single tree was cut down to build Jicaro and, as a result, your casita is NIC_131215_01443sheltered from the hot Nicaraguan sun by a canopy of leafy greens. The shade provided by the area’s flaura and fauna helps keep inside temperatures low.

Elevated Tree Houses

All our casitas are raised up off the ground allowing cool lake winds to whistle above, beside, through, AND under your private tree house.

Curious about our other sustainability initiatives? Read about them here.

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