Bathing in Nicaraguan hot springs


Exploring the hot springs at the bottom of Volcano Mombacho  in a kayak, is one of the must-do experiences during your stay at Jicaro Island Ecolodge. Tina and Margarette from the United States participated in this beautiful trip and had a great time! Our boat took us to the shore of the great lake of Nicaragua on the slope of the volcano to start our tour.  Once we got there we took our kayaks out into the fresh water of the Lake and gradually moved through a small canal to reach the main hot springs. Here the water was quite hot so we kept looking until we found a place with the right temperature to jump in! 

The water is loaded with minerals and helped our bodies relax.

After we visited the hot spring, we started our walk through tropical dry forest and plantain fields where we observed monkeys, iguanas and some other species that made our trip much more enjoyable. Then at the end of our hike, Ervin who work in the reserve got us some delicious and  refreshing coconut water. A perfect way to help Tina and Margarette cool off.

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