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View from Jicaro at Lake Nicaragua

Recently, Nicaragua and Jicaro Lodge were featured in United Airlines’ Hemispheres Magazine, the article spoke about all the wonderful adventures and relaxation time you can have in Nicaragua and of the different places you should visit while in our beautiful country. Jicaro EcoLodge was extensively featured in the article and that made us very proud.

However, what made us really swell up with pride was the following passage, that speaks to the warmth and wonderful worldview of our Nicaraguan people.

“While I wait for my meal, William reveals that he has spent three decades living in various South and Central American countries. The last eight years he has spent here in Granada, not far from the market, where he eats breakfast every day. When I ask why he settled here, he tells a story about a doctor’s visit when he first arrived. “I was really sick, and they paid for everything. I told the doctor I wasn’t a citizen and he said, ‘You’re a person, aren’t you?’”

Guests and school children

This is what we think makes Nicaragua so special, and we hope you get to witness this in person some day.

For the full article you can go to or you will find it in your seat pouch when you book your trip to Nicaragua with United.

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