Beautiful Photography Book of Nicaragua and Jicaro Island Eco Lodge


One of our guest yoga teachers created this beautiful book of her experiences here at Jicaro Island Eco Lodge and Nicaragua.

Here is her write-up of the book:

Thinking of visiting Nicaragua? Would you like a personal glimpse into a part of this beautiful country?

As a professional photographer, yoga teacher and lover of travel, I had the unique privilege of going to Central America for the first time for a week to teach yoga, explore the sites in and around the serene eco-lodge of Jicaro on Lake Nicaragua, and of course do lots of photography!

Here is a small photo book I put together of my trip which includes the wonderful people I met, the nature and landscapes, the culture and artwork, accents and details, and of course, the unforgettable and most comfortable stay I had at the island eco-resort of Jicaro!

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and consider visiting this lovely location at least once!  (The book is also available for purchase if desired!)

Parvathi Kumar Photography

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