Birding tips for Beginners


Black-collared Hawk

Black-collared Hawk

Among the many activities and tours you can take part at Jicaro one of our most popular is the birding tour. Every year more and more people take this activity as a dear pass time and they travel to locations such as ours in Nicaragua to catch a glimpse of the most spectacular birds in the world.

Here are 4 very important things to remember and that will make your experience even more enjoyable if you are just starting your career as a birdwatcher.

1- Get a Guide; even experienced birders look for a guide’s expertise when traveling to a new location, so if you are just starting make sure you use a guide and use his/her knowledge to locate birds and learn about them.

2- Invest in a good pair of Binoculars. Yes, this is not the ” No need to get a good bike until you get really good at biking” case. If you don’t get a good pair of binoculars all you will see is a fuzzy ball of feathers. Although you can see lots of birds at Jicaro using only your eyes, binoculars will enhance your experience, specially if you have decided this is an activity you wish to carry on with.

3- You need to know what to expect in the area and read about the birds. Knowing what you are looking for,  and knowing about what your looking for (where should you look, at the top of a tree, near the bottom, at a lake etc)  will make your first experience so much more exciting.

4- Take a tour with other birders, sometimes this tours are designed for beginners, but often you will have the expertize of a seasoned birder joining in. Birders are very friendly and love to share their knowledge.

Birds are waiting, come and find them!



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