Birds of Nicaragua, Part 3


Continuing with the list of beautiful birds of Nicaragua, flying over the green rainforests and serenading the untouched nature. These colorful birds are the main focus of attention eager birders, but they are also alluring to every animal and nature lover. Here are a few of the many stunning birds of Nicaragua:

Vermilion flycatcher


This ball of fire is found in open areas, trees, shrubs and generally near water. They flycatchers, as their name gives it away, feed on insects such as flies, grasshoppers and beetles. Being an opportunistic feeder, flycatchers has been caught eating small fish as well. They are favored among birders, but since the males lose their beautiful bright vermilion color in captivity, they are not kept as pets.

Barn swallow


Barn Swallows are the most widespread species of swallow in the world, and they are as the national bird of Austria and Estonia. Another fun fact about them is that they mate for life! They usually live in open country and use human’s building and structures to breed. They’re efficient eaters, feeding on insects while flying, and equally fast drinkers and bathers, dipping into water for an instant while in flight.

Cedar waxwing


This bundle of color lives in open woodlands, forests, and water and loves cedar cones, fruits and insects. If this bird is not merrily sitting in fruit trees, it’s taking a bath in shallow creeks or socializing with its flock and grooming them (Yes!they groom each other).

White-throated magpie-jay


This magpie-jay lives in woodlands and forests, from sea level to 4,000 feet high. They don’t migrate and they feed on a wide range of animals and plants such as insects, caterpillars, frogs, lizards, seeds and fruits. (Yes, almost everything!) However, the younger birds take years to learn the full foraging skills of their parents.

Stay on a private island, just you and nature to witness these beautiful birds!


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