Catch of the day is back! Dock to Dish comes to Jicaro


Ever heard the saying “there are plenty more fish in the sea”?  Little bit of an exaggeration nowadays, given the excessive rate of global fish consumption.  Our insatiable appetite for seafood has seen certain species pushed to the brink of being wiped out, with traceability becoming a complete non-issue too somewhere along the way.  You might be shocked to know that more than 90% of seafood consumed in the United States is imported.  And even more alarmingly, less than 1% of the seafood can be accurately tracked back to a fisherman.  We can only wonder what those stats would look like for Nicaragua…

But it is not all doom and gloom for the underwater world.  Fortunately, catch of the day is back, courtesy of Dock to Dish.

Dock to Dish comes to Jicaro Island Lodge in Nicaragua

Dock to Dish: Sustainable Seafood, Sourced Locally

The Dock to Dish program takes the “Farm to Table” concept and applies it to fish.  Hailed by The United Nations Foundation as a top breakthrough innovation of 2017, Dock to Dish’s mission is to end the days of over-fishing and unsustainable species-targeting.  How are they doing this?  By connecting restaurants with their local fishermen, cutting out the middlemen once and for all.  And the latest restaurant to join the Dock to Dish sustainable fishing movement… our very own at Jicaro Island Lodge!

We Know Our Fishermen

A few years ago, our sister Cayuga Collection hotel in Costa Rica – Arenas del Mar – became the first Latin American member of this game-changing initiative.  At Jicaro, we’re delighted to have followed in their footsteps, and look forward to leading the way for the rest of Nicaragua.  Our chefs are now officially connected to local fishermen of Lake Nicaragua who make their living out on the waters that surround our island.  They provide us with the freshest, most abundant fish, and we make sure they’re well-paid for their hard work.  More than an innovation, it feels like a return to the good old days of fishing.

Captain Don Enrique will be bringing in the catch of the day direct from his boat to Jicaro

At Jicaro Island Lodge, the concept of keeping things local is at the heart of our sustainable philosophy.  Along with our fish, all the other ingredients we use for our tasty meals also come from as close to home as possible.  Read more about our sustainable food projects here.

Responsible and local sourcing is a priority for us at Jicaro

Keen to try the fish from our very shores?  We invite you to come and taste our delicious coconut masamiche fish cakes, our whole-roasted mojarra and our zingy ceviche!  At Jicaro, we’ll even teach you how to fish the traditional way.

For more information on Dock to Dish, our traditional fishing tours, or to make a Reservation, contact us at

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