Come Fly With Us! History of the Zip Line


There are plenty of ways to see Nicaraguaby boat, plane, paddle board, by foot (to name a few.) But the best way is by zip line. Skimming over the trees, while a warm breeze fills your lungs with tropical air,  zip lining lets you experience your surroundings in a completely new way. As you slice through the air, you’ll feel not unlike one of Nicaragua’s broad winged hawks. Once you land you’re going to want to do it again. So how did this miraculous adventure activity come to be?NIC_131213_00009

Legend has it zip lines date all the way back to ancient times when people living in mountain regions like the Himalayas and the Alps used them to get around the country. In the 1900s mountaineers brought zip lining into the mainstream, using it as a way to shuttle across crevasses, chasms, and canyons. Zip lining above forest canopies like we do here at Jicaro, however, was popularized much later by wildlife biologists who needed a way to study leafy forest canopies from above and explore untouched terrain.


The eco tourism industry now uses zip line tours as a way to teach adventure seekers about the importance of biological zones like Nicaragua’s Canopy Miravalles. Zip lining is one of the fastest growing eco tourism activities in the world and, once you try it, it is easy to see why. There is truly no experience more surreal or more exhilarating.


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