Connecting and supporting education in Nicaragua


This morning our guests took a trip to Padre Nello school where Jicaro Island Ecolodge is working on a community development project. Linda and Jerry are visiting Jicaro for their second time, and they brought 16 of their friends with them!

Boat ride

After enjoying a delicious breakfast they got onto the boat to head to the mainland while enjoying the natural beauty of the islands. On the way we met a boy fishing with his net and his rowboat, who showed us some fish he had trapped and later would be prepared to feed his family. He was very happy to hear that guests were going to visit the school where he is attending classes.

Hoping on a swing!

Setting up the new swing

Once they arrived at the school they walked round classrooms and then placed a swing to welcome the children to their new school year. School begins in the second week of February. They also brought school supplies for the children. On the way Back to Jicaro Island some of our guests visited a family to connect more with local culture. There, were other children who also attend the school at Padre Nello.

Guests and school children

We are so happy our guest can support the community of the little island!

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