Did you know that our GM at Jicaro is a great musician and former member of an orchestra?


Meet Howard Coulson.  He is another great success story at Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges.  Howard is our general Manager at Jicaro Lodge ever since the pre-opening.  He has taken the Island Ecolodge to being published in every major travel publication in the US and Europe and being featured as one of the places to visit in 2013 by the New York Times.  Guest satisfaction at the lodge is not only high because of the stunning architecture and setting, but especially because of its great personalized service and attention to every detail.  Maybe it has to do with some of Howard’s previous experience as a musician…

He was born in Northern Nicaragua and moved to Granada with his family when he was 11.  He studied Hotel and Tourism Administration but his passion has always been music.  In 1993, his first job was that of light technician with one of Nicaragua’s best Latin Music Orchestras.  After a few weeks, he noticed that the percussion instrument called Güira (mostly used for Merengue music) was not played by anybody and stepped in.  This was a great opportunity and after only 6 months of practicing, he became an official member of the Orchestra where he played until the year 2000.

After that, music took second stage again, just as his other hobby basketball.  He studied English and French and became manager at the newly opened Hotel Colonial and later the Hotel Dario in Granada right at the beginning of the tourism boom in Nicaragua.  In 2009 his career took another turn as he got involved in the field of Sustainability after accepting a job with Jicaro and Cayuga.  Thanks to his passion and dedication, Jicaro is today the leader in sustainable hospitality in Nicaragua.

Thanks Howard, here is to many more years and the great success of Jicaro.

Located on a private island on Lake Nicaragua near Granada, Jicaro Lodge is a boutique hotel offering a variety of tours and activities.