Fishing like a local


It was a cool evening, the wind gently blowing the trees, the slightly overcast. This did not deter a couple of our guests from attending an artisanal fishing class in the waters of the great lake of Nicaragua very close to Hotel Jicaro.

Our boat cast away from the shores after our guests had a small instructional sessiFishing neton on how to use the fishing equipment. Neither of them had used this type of gear before. After several attempts guests became expert fishermen. This activity connects guests with the local culture and way of life.

When the rain started spirits were temporarily lowered but soon a fish was caught and the rain no longer mattered. Sometimes the rain can bring fish to the surface. The fish was brought back to the lodge and cooked up by our chef for that night’s dinner.

Come to Jicaro and experience your own artisanal fishing experience!

Fishing time

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