Fishing on Lake Nicaragua


One of the most interesting aspects of Lake Nicaragua is the underwater wildlife. Over 40 different species of fish live in the lake, including 16 species of native cichlids that constitute 58% of the lake’s biomass.

Fishing on lake nicaragua

Some of the common fish sold for consumption are: mojarras, tarpon, and tilapia. Gaspar is traditionally consumed at Easter and guapote is another species found in the Great Lake of Nicaragua which is renowned for its exquisite taste.

The best way to learn more about some of these species that live in the lake is through artisanal fishing. This was one of the experiences that Christopher and Cameron who stayed in Hotel Jícaro Island Ecolodge had recently.

Fresh cooked fish from Lake Nicaragua

In the early morning they boarded a small boat that transported them to the fishing site where our expert fisherman taught them everything they would need to know. Cameron turned out to be very good with the net and she got the largest fish. After they caught the fish of the day; they returned to the hotel where later they tasted the delicious guapote prepared by our chef

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