Happy Hour in Nicaragua


We all know how exhausting and stressful it is to spend the day laying out by the pool, wandering the beach and observing the beautiful lakeside wilderness that surrounds Jicaro Island Ecolodge…

So, at Jicaro we make a point of starting happy hour right on time, so you can move from the day into the evening seamlessly! So how do we make all those delicious cocktails? Well, we begin with some high quality ingredients.

NIC_131213_00490Then we get chopping! We love adding as much fresh fruit as possible. It accents the flavor of the chosen alcohol, while lending the drink a delicious and tropical quality.

NIC_131213_00496Our masterful bartenders squeezes some fresh ingredients into the mix.

NIC_131213_00503Then comes the fun part. With a full bar, we can make guests their favourite drink! Rum is one of Central America’s main exports, and because of its abundance it is used as the alcoholic component in many drinks. Gin, vodka and tequila are some of our other favourites!

NIC_131213_00508Finally, it is time to enjoy your beverage! Our staff are always friendly and excited to help any guest have their needs and wants satisfied. Cheers!


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