Hiking and Ziplining in Nicaragua


Alfonso was a returning guest to Jicaro Island Ecolodge and this time, he brought his friend Daniel. We were so happy to see them again!  They went to Mombacho volcano and on the Canopy tour. They brought some supplies for the school children and visited them as well.

It was the perfect day for the Mombacho tour. First we went hiking. At the top, it was beautiful. A little cooler and it felt good! The trail around the crater is so nice. It was a really relaxing hike.  On part of the trail you can smell the sulfur from the volcano.  The craters that we got to see are not what you would imagine for a normal volcano. They were covered in green trees! .

Then after a picnic, we went ziplining. Alfonso and Daniel were so much fun. They ziplined like ‘Super man!’ and upside down! It really was a great adventure.

There is always something fun and exciting to do here at Jicaro Island Eco Lodge.

Experience the colonial town of Granada near Lake Nicaragua, only twenty minutes from Jicaro’s private island.


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