How to Spend it in Nicaragua


Jicaro just had the distinct pleasure of being profiled in the Financial Times’ How to Spend it

Read the complete article here! 

It really is amazing to see the trajectory that Nicaragua is on. Our tourism sector is going through rapid growth, it seems Jicaro was built just in time. But it’s not only the fact that we’re here that separates us from all of the other luxury resorts in Nicaragua. 

Jicaro Island Eco lodge near Granada, Nicaragua

The writer described arriving at our hotel like arriving at a James Bond lair! How exciting is that? It’s not every day that you pull up to your hotel on a secluded, private island in the middle of paradise!

Whether you are an international (wo)man of mystery, a couple looking for a romantic spot, a solo traveler looking for some peace and quiet or anyone else, you’re all welcome at Jicaro. Let us know how you would spend it by connecting with us on social media.


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