Jicaro Island Gift Guide


Scrambling to find a gift to bring back for your bestie? You boss? Your mother in law? Never fear! You can find cool local crafts right here on our private island. Jicaro is a proud supporter of Nicaragua’s local artisans and our boutique is brimming with colourful goodies you can buy for your friends. But be warned: you just might want to keep them for yourself. Here are our favorite items.

Hand-Painted Vases

These gorgeous hand painted vases are made by local craftsmen and women from Nicaragua’s white towns. Found in the area around Granada and Masaya, white towns like Nindiri, Diria, and Diriomo earned their nickname thanks to the the traditional whitewash used on the houses. Each white town produces its own unique art, several  specializing in ceramics and pottery. Visit a white town during your stay and you can watch these local artisans at work!


Macen Bags

Here at Jicaro we love anything recycled and planet friendly, which is why we absolutely adore these bright macen bags made in Matagalpa. Macen is a coarse material made of recycled plastic that is used by Nicaraguans to make everything from hammocks to hats. As well as with being pretty to look at, macen is waterproof and extremely durable which makes for one long lasting bag.


Granada Salt Shakers

These shiny coconut shaped shakers are made right in Granada by young craftsmen and women. They money they earn selling their art helps to support their families.


What cool local art did you find on your trip to Nicaragua? Post a picture of it on our Facebook Page!

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