Kayaking on Lake Nicaragua


The water around the islands in Lake Nicaragua is calm, warm, and inviting.  At Jicaro Island Eco Lodge you can enjoy the free kayaks that the lodge offers to guests.  Go out in a single kayak or enjoy the water with a loved one in a double.

Relax as you feel the breeze take your kayak to some of the most beautiful islands on the lake.

Keep your eyes open for the many birds and animals that live on the islands.  You can see birds of all different colors, shapes, and sizes.  If you go at the right time of day, you might even catch a bird doing a ritual dance to attract a mate!

As you explore the islands in your own personal kayak you can also watch the local fisherman as they use nets to catch fish that may end up on your plate at the end of the day.

Being on the water of Lake Nicaragua is special.  Being on the lake in a kayak makes it even more special.

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