Leon Eateries You Need to Try


Planning a day trip to Leon during your stay at Jicaro? There’s no shortage of things to do in the bustling college town. But, a full day spent exploring the city’s museums, historical sites, art galleries, and markets can leave one feeling pretty famished. Luckily, Leon is full of cosmopolitan eateries that serve up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! So stop, rest your feet, and treat yourself to one of Leon’s finest feasts! Here are the eateries you have to try.

Pan Y Paz

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Attention gluten lovers! If you’re looking for somewhere to stop for a loaf a fluffy french bread, an eclair stuffed with fresh cream, or a buttery croissant, look no further. Pan Y Paz is your one stop shop for all the authentic french “pattiseries” your heart desires. The quaint little bakery is run by European couple Christian and Miranda who fell in love with Leon on vacation in 2008. Shortly after their trip, they decided to open a bakery just a few blocks from Leon’s Cathedral and bring the people of Nicaragua a taste of Europe. This may not be your authentic Nicaraguan eatery but it is definitely worth a stop!


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You know that vegetarian friend who is always forcing you to accompany them to every hippy-dippy restaurant they come across? Well you’ll thank them for dragging you to this meat-free eatery. Cocinarte’s menu features vegetarian options from around the world like falafel, spicy Indian curry, and veggie fajitas all bursting with spice and flavour. The ingredients are fresh, cooked to order, and served in heaps big enough to fill any belly. The restaurant itself is tucked away in Leon’s historic Laborío neighborhood in a beautiful  colonial house- the perfect place to enjoy a veggie-filled feast.

Cafe La Nicaraguita

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Punctuate your day with a quick stop at Cafe La Nicaraguita where you’ll find everything from Nicaraguan small plates, to fruit smoothies, to good old fashioned burgers. The atmosphere is funky with local art lining the brightly painted walls and framed chalk boards spelling out the day’s specials.

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