Masaya Volcano


If you want to see the fury of nature in action, Masaya Volcano is a must see.

Two guests hike past the crater of a volcano in Nicaragua.

A volcano with a large amount of gas fumes every day and the remains of a rocky hillsides that have been through countless eruptions over the past centuries. The landscape is unique, covered in a dry tropical forest that despite being a very sterile region, trees of different species can be found, and of course the national flower of Nicaragua (The sacuanjoche) Plumeria rubra.

A tour from Jicaro island Ecolodge hiking up a volcano in Nicaragua.

Hiking up a volcano in Nicaragua

The main crater of the volcano despite being an inhospitable place serves as home for the pacific Green parakeets living in the walls of the active crater. It’s amazing how these birds have been adapted to this habitat. Furthermore, from the top you can see a panoramic view of the pacific area of the country that has many other lakes and volcanoes.

These pictures are from a guest tour to the top of the volcano. They walked to the top to see not only the active crater, but also one of the inactive ones as well.

Nicaragua is a whole new world, waiting to be discovered and explored.


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