Mombacho Volcano: A spectacular view and beautiful hike


Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve is located on the western side of Lake Nicaragua about 12 kilometers south of Granada city. It is considered one of the two cloud forests of the Pacific region of the country. This high volcano is covered by dense vegetation of cloud and dwarf forest, there is also an area of fumaroles which shows that the volcano is still alive. Hiking around inactive craters lead you into nature where the trees are covered with numerous plant species which include: orchids, bromeliads, ferns and a number of epiphytic species. Also two species of monkeys inhabit the cloud forest: the howler and white face. On clear days from the viewpoints we can enjoy a panoramic view of the islands of Granada and Lake Nicaragua that captures your attention. In view of the majestic Mombacho Volcano near the Granada Isletas, Jicaro caters to honeymooners with exceptional food and relaxing spa services.