National Parks In Nicaragua At Jicaro Lodge


Teeming with an impressive diversity of wildlife and flora, Nicaragua features over 70 nature reserves, parks, and sanctuaries. Staying at Jicaro Island Lodge is a great opportunity to explore this spectacular nature, as it is conveniently located a quick boat ride away from a varied range of habitats. Nature treks and wildlife spotting are must-have experiences while at Jicaro – head into the wild and right to the heart of its surrounding lowland jungles and cloud forests perched on the edge of volcanoes.

Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, guests can explore the nearby islets that dot the lake and the natural wonders of the mainland wilderness. The leading attraction is the Mombacho Cloud Forest Reserve, situated on the namesake dormant volcano, visible from the casitas at Jicaro Island Lodge.

Mombacho is a botanist’s dream. On its cloud forest trails, discover more than 800 species of plant life, including bromeliads and orchids, and rare fauna such as the tiny Mombacho salamander, a species endemic to the area. If you opt for the Puma Trail, you may even get lucky and spot a puma; a few of these felines still roam the volcano and, though rare, sightings do happen.

Another great thing about Mombacho is that the reserve has brilliant views from the trails. On a clear day, you’ll be treated to fantastic panoramas of the Sweet Sea, as Lake Nicaragua is known to locals and its scenic Las Isletas archipelago. Just for fun, try pointing out Jicaro. We’ll be mighty impressed if you find it.

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