Nicaragua, a surging LGBT destination



LGBT travel is developing in Central America and we are very proud to say that Nicaragua and Costa Rica are at the forefront of this surge forward. Nicaragua and Costa Rica are both safe and respectful destinations for LGBT visitors. Nicaragua held its first Pride Parade back in 1991and up to today has taken steps towards a more inclusive society.

Nicaragua also gives you a perfect mix of adventure and luxurious relaxation and Jicaro Ecolodge is the perfect example of this. Located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua and very close to the colonial city of Granada, Jicaro offers its guests the opportunity to sun-tan, hike volcanoes, SUP, and even take fishing lessons!

Rising sun behind the vocano in Nicaragua

While at the lodge you can join our yoga classes, learn how to prepare different cocktails, unwind with one of our spa treatments or simply have some quiet time by the pool with your companion.

Having a spa treatment is the perfect way to relax on holiday

Having a spa treatment is the perfect way to relax on holiday

If you wish to book a vacation or inquire more about LGBT travel to Nicaragua please contact us!

Romantic dinner at Jicaro Island Eco-Lodge


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