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Traveling to a new country can be exciting, relaxing and different. These are all true when traveling to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has a distinctive and charming personality that our guests fall in love with once they arrive. Nicaragua actually has the lowest crime rate of any Central American Country (even lower than the United States actually), which makes it easy to feel safe while traveling.

The local currency is the Córdoba however US dollars are accepted at many places across the country. Of course you can always use Visa or MasterCard as they are accepted almost everywhere there is electricity.

The official language of Nicaragua is Spanish but many locals also speak a bit of English, especially on the Caribbean coast. If you have Spanish language skills or are feeling adventurous this is a great time it to learn or practice your Spanish!

The view looking out over the lake in NIcaragua

Travelers love the peacefulness and safety of traveling within Nicaragua.


Whatever the purpose of your trip, Nicaragua has something for everyone. It truly is a travelers paradise. Let us know if you have any questions before your trip begins!

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