Nicaragua’s White Towns & Ceramic Pottery Making


Located on a little hill, very close to Granada, are Los Pueblos Blancos: San Juan de Oriente and Catarina. Most of the people that live in Los Pueblos Blancos are skilled in the making of traditional arts and crafts. They make very beautiful ceramic and pottery that they sell to support their families.

Ericka and Daniel from New York recently visited here.  We went to a workshop in San Juan de Oriente to see how the artisan shapes the clay to make it a beautiful piece of art. Following the instructions of the artisan, they were able to work with the clay as well! It was a really fun experience. Cups, bowls, bottles, vases and other decorated ceramic and pottery impress our guests who cannot resist the temptation of buying some souvenirs from the shops.

After visiting San Juan de Oriente, we went to visit El Mirador De Catarina which offers a spectacular view of the Apoyo lagoon, Granada City, Lake Nicaragua and Mombacho Volcano. In addition you can walk into the town to appreciate the beautiful nursery of ornamental flowers with very bright colors that give more life to this town.  The Pueblos Blancos are small and  beautiful places in Nicaragua where visitors can connect with the local culture.

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