Pirate Adventures in Nicaragua



Throughout the history of Nicaragua, pirates have played an unsavory role. Most of Nicaragua’s towns and villages were¬† plundered by pirates, leaving Nicaraguans to rebuild their towns and lives, many times over. Even though the role of the pirates in Nicaragua was negative during the time it lasted, the folklore left behind many legends, stories and myths that are still told today.

Over and over again pirates came from Jamaica and other Caribbean islands came to Nicaragua and with so many famous pirates making the rounds one has to wonder how many lost their vessels in battles against the English and Spanish. And are some of those vessels still filled with precious jewels, gold and artifacts?

This is yet another attraction of Nicaragua and Jicaro Island. Pirates used to come into Lake Nicaragua from the Caribbean Sea using the San Juan River and over the years the lake became one of the primary spots for pirate activity during the 1600s.

Right in the middle of lake Nicaragua, Jicaro Island Eco Lodge is a great base camp for the pirate story seekers; Jicaro is a place where the old stories and myths are there for the traveler to discover and wonder.

Who knows!? you might find a treasure chest in your walk around the Island.

Beautiful view of the lake

Beautiful view of the lake


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