Safety when travelling to Nicaragua


It’s common to be nervous and anxious when going to a new country. Many people email us ahead of time just to make sure that everything in Nicaragua is safe. Despite what your neighbor might tell you, Nicaragua has consistently been named the safest destination in Central America.

Cheers from Nicaragua, the safest country in Nicaragua

Cheers from Nicaragua, the safest country in Latin America

According to a recent Cid Gallup poll, Nicaragua is the safest country in the whole Latin American region! Cayuga wrote a blog post about this recently which dispels many of the myths associated with travel to Nicaragua.

Now just because it’s so safe it doesn’t take away from the adventure in any way! Think of what those same neighbors will think when you let them know you just returned from Nicaragua! It’s an adventurous destination because of the experiences available such as climbing a volcano, working at a local school, or kayaking on Latin America’s largest lake!

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