San Juan de Oriente


San Juan de Oriente is a village of indigenous descendants in the city of Masaya. Its major activity is the development of pre-Columbian pottery, both contemporary and utilitarian.
The main attraction is the handmade pottery that the locals make with a variety of techniques in the different pottery schools and work-shops.

Pottery at San Juan de Oriente

Guests at Jicaro examine the pottery for sale

During a stay at Jicaro Island Ecolodge guests can take a tour and learn about the process and history of the pottery. Most of the artisans use craft tools such as: sea stones, fruit seeds, bamboo stick and earth colors that are obtained from different parts of the country. To make pottery you need a lot of patience and finishing a piece can take at least two weeks before it’s ready for sale.

Manufacturing and marketing of ceramics is the primary economic engine of the region. The region’s families compete to offer the best work at the best price.

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Forming pottery on a wheel in Nicaragua

Learning the ropes of pottery at San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.


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