Smartphone Photography Series: Suitcase Sized Smartphone Gear


Last week we learned how to use the VSCO app to make the most out of your smartphone cameras while on vacation. Now that you’ve mastered that, let’s take a look at some suitcase sized smartphone toys that will help cement your Nicaragua Facebook album in travel photo history. Some of them are practical while others are just plain fun.

Selfie Stick

selfie-stickThe selfie stick is arguably as essential as a bathing suit. Okay well maybe not quite…but it is fun to have handy for those multi-person group selfies (arms are only so long!) You can pick one up practically anywhere and it will slide right into your suitcase no problem.

The Joby Smartphone GripTight Mount

This little guy is about the size of a pack of gum and clips onto your smartphone allowing itJoby 2 to attach to tripods, monopods, and other DSLR gear. Tripods and monopods help you get a perfectly shake-free shot but are a bit bulky if you’re hiking up the Cerro Negro Volcano or through Nicaragua’s lowland dry forest. Luckily, the GorillaPod tripod is here to help!

GorillaPod Tripod

This little tripod is perfect to bring adventuring. Attach your phone using the Joby mount and you can take pictures from virtually anywhere. Wrap the GorillaPod around a tree treephonebranch, prop it on a rock, this fun, flexible gadget does it all. You can even position the pod and take a picture of yourself using your phone’s self timer.

Underwater Case

Seeing as Jicaro is surrounded by water, why not take the plunge and try snapping some underwater images? Hitcase makes a case that is shockproof, 100% waterproof up to 33ft, and guaranteed to capture Instagram worthy pics of all the photogenic fishies you can find.

Video taken with Hitcase

Now that you’ve got the gear, go get some pictures! Tweet or Facebook us your best ones.

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