Smartphone Photography Series: Your Vacation Video


If you didn’t come home with a cool vacation video did you even go on vacation?

iphone video

Travel videos are the edgiest new way to share your adventures and– although many of them may look like they were shot by a professional camera crew– you don’t need much more than your smartphone to make an artsy vacation edit. Today we’ll be walking through some simple steps to making a spectacular vacation video clip.

STEP ONE: Make sure you have a good video app.

Your smartphone’s native video camera works well but if you’re looking to go the extra mile, download an app that gives you a bit more control over film settings. Movie Pro boasts all-manual video control settings and supports 3K and 4K video recording.

movie pro

STEP TWO: Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

This is the fun part. Scout out some beautiful locations and think about how you want to film them. Experiment with having a subject in the frame (a friend or spouse is perfect), with slow-motion video, or with time-lapse. Time lapse video is now extremely easy to shoot thanks to apps like Hyperlapse and is guaranteed to spice up any video. Having a Joby Griptight mount and GorillaPod with you is a good idea as this will help you get shake-free footage on the go.

STEP THREE: Activate movie magic!

Once you’ve captured everything you can, it’s time to splice it all together, add some music, and amaze everyone with your cinematography skills. Luckily, smartphone video editing has been made amazingly easy thanks to a couple foolproof apps.

For iPhone users, iMovie is a great option. Not only does let you splice together photos and video but you can add music, voice over, and transitions to your masterpiece. Power Director is a great option for Android users.


STEP 4: Share!

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