Stand Up Straight! and Paddle ;)


One of the most up and coming sports in the world has to be stand up paddling.

The sport has grown exponentially in the last few years and today there is even a world championship held every year around the world. Nicaragua was actually the host of the 2014 World Championships attracting top athletes from around the world to our peaceful corner of the world.

Excuse me, have you seen Nicaragua?

Excuse me, have you seen Nicaragua?

Why is stand up paddling so popular?

First, stand up paddling is easy to learn and that allows people with all levels of ability and fitness to practice it, the fact that you can stand up on a stable surface really helps beginners to plug away with confidence.

Second, stand up paddling usually takes place in beautiful water bodies like Lake Nicaragua. Not many sports allow people to experience the best nature has to offer while, at the same time, get a total body strength and conditioning work out.

The SUP experience at Jicaro Eco Lodge is one of a kind. Lake Nicaragua’s calm waters will allow you to spend hours navigating through the various islands on the lake.

Couple paddleboarding on Lake Nicaraguan

Jicaro has paddle boards available at all times for its guests but we recommend going early in the morning or later in the afternoon, this will help you avoid the most intense heat of the day.


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