Beginner Stand-up Paddling Tips


A guest going for a standing paddle board on Lake Nicaragua

A guest going for a standing paddle board on Lake Nicaragua

Look at the horizon

When we first start paddling the natural temptation is to look down at the board, However for the best stability, you want to keep your head up, back straight and your body weight over your toes.

Watch the wind

It’s important to know the conditions when you paddle out. Also to know the forecast so you are aware of any possible changes coming. When you’re standing on your SUP, you are like a sail in the wind. If you’re ever caught in an unfavourable wind change, lay down with your paddle tucked under you and paddle the board like a regular surfboard. This is called paddling prone. Lake Nicaragua is usually pretty safe and our staff can guide you through your first experience.

Couple paddleboarding on Lake Nicaragua


Paddling with your core

Don’t use your arms. This may sound a little weird at first but paddling is best done by your core. These are the strongest muscles of your body and provide the most effective power for your paddle stroke. Standing up tall and using just your arms to paddle, will be very tiring and you won’t get much power.


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