The design of Jicaro Island Ecolodge


Jicaro EcoLodge is located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, a short boat ride from the Colonial City of Granada.


Due to the special topography of the Island the lodge has been constructed in a very peculiar way.

Spa sitting area

The peculiar character of the lodge came about through the combination of the local materials used and the unique vision of architect Michael Falkner.  All the buildings at Jicaro blend into the natural environment helping to promote a sense of tranquility. There are 9 casitas plus a bar, restaurant and a deck.  Mature trees and natural forms of the island were preserved when building began and that gives the lodge a feeling of belonging to its surroundings.

Jicaro Island Eco lodge near Granada, Nicaragua

Each casita is raised above the ground so as not to disturb the natural form of the island so you will be living in your own tree house suspended above the vegetation!

To stay true to our sustainable values we don’t use air conditioning, however, the design of each casita allows for cross ventilation, and  ceiling fans work together with the tree cover keeping you, and the planet, cool.


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