The Place to Be in 2015.


Green Lake Water Nicaragua

Nicaragua has been getting a lot of attention lately, from Conde Nast Traveler and Lonely Planet to National Geographic, we have made every important list of the destinations you must visit in 2015.

But even with all of this new attention Nicaragua remains still a hidden  treasure, a land that can offer its visitors not only sandy beaches and sun bathing but also beautiful colonial cities like Granada, pirate forts, volcanoes and of course Lake Nicaragua, a calm water body where you can dive, kayak, boat, fish or hunt for pirate treasure.

This rapid growth however brings a new challenge for  tourism  services providers like Jicaro Island Eco-Lodge and that challenge is to remain true to our initial commitment to ecotourism, sustainability and giving back to the community in which we conduct business while, at the same time, staying at the forefront of tourism development in Nicaragua.

It is important that this new enthusiasm for our country has a positive developmental effect on all sectors of society, for 2015 our goal is to remain true to this commitment and with this lead the way to a better Nicaragua and better experiences for tourists from all over the  world.

Beautiful view of the lake

Beautiful view of the lake

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