Volcano adventure tours in Nicaragua


There’s been a lot of talk about the recent gas release of the Telica Volcano but there’s so much more to see when it comes to the volcanoes of Nicaragua. We have some amazing volcano adventures planned for you that are safe and exciting. Situated 10 km outside of Granada, the Mombacho Volcano is fully accessible by road and the drive will surely leave you hanging off the edge of your seat. 1
On your way, up enjoy the scenery of the local coffee plantations. Later, prepare to be awe inspired when you gaze upon the cloud forest that covers most of the volcanoes upper region. Mombacho Volcano is one of two locations in the entire Pacific where this type of forest can be found. 2
If you’ve ever wondered what a bird feels like when it flies over the canopy then you should take part in this exceptional zip-line adventure tour with Canopy Miravalles, located just 25 minutes away from Jicaro on the slopes of Mombacho Volcano. The experienced guides will prepare your harnesses for this ride. Then let go and fly over the canopy trees using the 11 platforms and cables for over 200 meters. Once you feel confident, ask the guides for tricks like zipping upside down or flying like superman! Make sure you bring your camera because this is sure to be a memorable experience!
If you feel adventurous and want to do something harder, spend the day in Mombacho natural reserve and take a 2 ½ hour hike up the volcano. On your journey expect to see a wide variety of wildlife including howler and white face monkeys, as well as snakes, deer, reptiles, birds, and insects. If you are lucky, you might even spot the Mombacho salamander which can only be found on the Mombacho volcano! 3
If you are a true nature lover, visit the Mombacho Biological Station to learn more about the unique species living in the area.Later, climb to “La Roca” lookout to appreciate one of the most beautiful views of Granada’s Island, Zapatera, and the volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua. Feel the breeze, enjoy nature and make sure to take a break, enjoy a hearty picnic lunch and get ready for your next great excursion.

This is one adventure tour you do not want to miss!

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