We’re Green and Good, Through and Through


The future is safe with Jicaro Island Ecolodge.

At Jicaro we believe in sustainability. The first thing that may spring to mind is environmental sustainability, but that isn’t 100% of the equation. Sustainability refers to these three areas: natural, cultural and social. So our mandate as a business, is to work towards and achieve not only environmental sustainability, but to cultivate cultural and social sustainability too, through supporting the local economy and its people.

Our property was built with serious considerations to the environment, ensuring that our lodgings leave the smallest footprint possible, as well as the social and cultural scene in the area. Here are the key things we do to help.

View of the jungle and water from Jicaro, NicaraguaWATER
Our water is heated with solar panels for guest and kitchen use, our pool cleaning systems are chlorine free and our waste water is treated on the island in compliance with Nicaraguan and internationally accepted standards.

We have no air conditioning – using instead cross ventilation and ceiling fans to cool the property. We also only use organic and biodegradable soaps, cleaning detergents and spa products.

Abiding by the mantra reduce, reuse and recycle, we reduce first and foremost. The less we need, the less we have to bring to the island, and ultimately, the less waste we have.

Fishing in Lake NicaraguaFOOD
We buy and produce locally, incorporating local dishes, ingredients and flavors into each of our meals. Sourcing our food from the region is a cornerstone of our efforts to aid in Nicaraguan economic development.

We hire local staff and use subcontracting services. Spreading the potential wealth brought to Nicaragua by tourism is another way we are working to create economic sustainability.

A main aim for us is to have every guest leave a little more engaged and invested in environmental action. Our tours are adventuresome and fun, but also often have an ecological focus.

Padre Nello SchoolDONATE
We are working with the local Padre Nello School (with 210 students) to provide them with clean drinking water and reliable electricity. So far we have raised enough money to buy and install solar panels (phase one of four). We are currently in phase two, raising money for a water treatment system. Donate and truly make a difference!

Sustainability for us is just as much about making the world a better place, as it is about surviving as a business and having a competitive edge. We love that we can feel so good about growing our business, because we know the longer we remain as an top class resort, the better-off the region and her wilderness will be.

Rising sun behind the vocano in NicaraguaWe are so thankful that ever increasingly in today’s tourism industry, destinations no longer can afford to ignore their impact on the environment, primarily due to consumer demand!

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