What the Heck is a Cloud Forest Ecosystem?


What the heck is a cloud forest?! Sounds like something straight off of Lord of the Rings doesn’t it? A mythical place where trees talk and ferries roam? Nicaragua’s cloud forest ecosystems aren’t quite this cool but they’re pretty darn close.rainforest

A cloud rainforest is an extremely rare ecosystem usually found around 1000 meters or more above sea level. At this elevation, the ecosystems are shrouded in a layer of clouds earning them the name cloud forests. One of the world’s most rare climate conditions, cloud forest ecosystems are home to a plethora plants and creatures you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Located on the the inactive Mombacho Volcano (just a short trip from the ecolodge) is one of the world’s few cloud forest ecosystems. Mombacho’s pristine 2,500 acre cloud forest is a spectacle of nature speckled with brightly coloured orchids and meandering bromeliads.


Hundreds of animal species linger within Mombacho’s trees but the two most spectacular are the Mombacho salamander and Mombacho butterly, two creatures found nowhere else in the world. With over 700 different plant species, Mombacho also has its fair share of unique flora and fauna—perhaps the most beautiful being the hundreds of orchid species that range in colour from a spunky orange to soft creamy white.


Just below the cloud forest several  organic coffee farms sprawl across the slope of Mombacho sprouting some of the world’s best beans. The high elevation and cool climate allow for optimal growing temperatures and conservation groups have worked hard to ensure all farms practice sustainable agroforestry methods.


Reach the top of Mombach, and the clouds will clear offering a spectacular view of Lake Nicaragua and the city of Granada that is guaranteed to be the cherry on top of your trip to Nicaragua. Don’t miss this ecosystem of a lifetime!

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