When in Jicaro, Get Adventurous; Zip-Lining , Kayaking, and Volcano Boarding!


Longing for adventures never ends, even when you are on the road and travelling. In fact, the best active opportunities present themselves while one is gallivanting around this wondrous globe. In Nicaragua, there are uniquely tingling activities to experience:

Zip Line Canopy


Have you ever wondered how it would feel to fly, to soar into the air light as a feather, with wind ruffling your hair ? Find an answer to all those questions at Jicaro Nicaragua, zip lining over the canopy. This tour is the most innovative way to explore Nicaragua and get a panoramic view of the tropical rainforest. The zip lining happens at the Canopy Miravallers which is about 25 minutes away from Jicaro Ecolodge. Once there, you can slide down the harnesses that the experienced guides will prepare. Don’t forget to bring your camera because you can try tricks like zipping upside down or flying like a super man!



Waves of blue water hug Jicaro all around, so Kayaking is a great way to get around and explore. A guide will accompany you, facilitating the trip as well as helping to learn about the natural history of the islands. There is a narrow canal on the way that is covered in beautiful lilies. These lilies are home to birds, therefore, on your way you might encounter shore birds or lake turtles!


Volcano Boarding


This tour takes you to the City of Leon, former capital of León, passing Momotombo volcano. After hiking up this amazing volcano, sand board down the hill for an adrenaline-induced experience. Sandboarding came into play around the same time as snowboarding in 1970s. The board is also similar to a snowboard but with a harder base. You will need to gear up for drifting down the sandy surface with goggles, sturdy runners or hiking boots, and a helmet.

All in all, our advice is to grab on to dear life and have fun!


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