Where is Nicaragua? Loads of people are finding out firsthand


You would not believe how many people type into google “Where is Nicaragua?”. Now We’re a little biased since we live in this amazing country and have lived here our whole lives but we’re amazed.

Excuse me, have you seen Nicaragua?

Excuse me, have you seen Nicaragua?

The tourist market in Nicaragua is getting hotter and hotter with new direct flights being announced and magazine’s declaring Nicaragua as one of the hot places to travel in 2015. We’re not sure why it took so long but let us tell you a bit about what we have here.

  1. We’re blessed with a sandy coastline that makes for amazing surf and boating
  2. We have the 9th largest lake in the Americas, Lake Nicaragua.
  3. Granada is an incredibly beautiful colonial style city with incredible architecture, cigar makers, an full of history
  4. A rich culture and incredible people. The people of Nicaragua are really what make this country such an amazing place. We’re ranked as the safest place to travel in Central America and our people are a testament to beautiful culture we’re so proud of.

Make Nicaragua your next travel spot and find out what the fuss is about!

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