Why Visit Nicaragua? An article by Jen Murphy


Journalist Jen Murphy visited Nicaragua at the end of last year and wrote a pretty convincing article on why Nicaragua is a place you must put in your bucket list.

We have transcribed a part of her piece here but you can read the complete article at:


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“Do you know why Nicaragua is like Justin Timberlake?” my driver asks as he changes the radio from JT’s “SexyBack” to baseball. I rack my brain (boy bands? Britney Spears? The Social Network?), then give up with a shrug. “We are a country that is able to reinvent itself over and over again,” he says.

Nicaragua has reinvented itself even more often than Timberlake has. The Somoza dictatorship that began in the 1930s led to almost five decades of revolutions and counterrevolutions, interrupted by a devastating earthquake in 1972. The ’80s brought violent conflict between the leftist Sandinista government and American-backed Contra rebels. All of which explains why my friends were baffled when I told them I would be going, by myself, to Nicaragua for a vacation. Wasn’t it dangerous? Where would I stay? And more importantly, what would I eat? Why not just visit Costa Rica?….

Green Lake Water Nicaragua

Nicaragua has yet to attract the big luxury hotel chains. Instead, I stay at small, stylish, sustainable hotels like the new Jicaro Island Ecolodge. A 15-minute boat ride from the colonial city of Granada, Jicaro is hidden among 300-some isletas that formed when the Mombacho volcano erupted thousands of years ago, scattering debris into Lake Nicaragua. Run by the team from Costa Rica’s much-lauded eco-properties Lapa Rios and Latitude 10, Jicaro is very sustainable. Recycled wastewater irrigates the jicaro trees for which it is named; the wood for the nine Japanese-style casitas came from trees that were downed by Hurricane Felix in 2007….

Beautiful view of the lake

Beautiful view of the lake


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