Yoga and Wellness at Jicaro Island Eco Lodge


As you move from Mountain Pose to Standing Forward Bend, a cool breeze that has ridden over the Mombacho Volcano in the distance and across the warm Nicaragua Lake waters catches a bead of sweat running down the nape of your neck. For a second it gives you this marvelous cool chill that ripples throughout your body, instantly refreshing you.

Guests doing yoga in the afternoonJicaro Island Eco Lodge has a yoga deck right on the lake, with daily classes for guests.

Having a magnificent array of exciting, adventuresome and educational things to do while here at Jicaro is something we boast about on the regular, and we love that we can offer guests the ultimate experience in relaxation and regeneration, by doing yoga outdoors in such a beautiful setting! We also offer yoga retreats throughout the year, so check out website to keep updated on when the next one will be.

Yoga in the warm afternoon!

Yoga in the warm afternoon!

What does yoga do for your body?

Increase flexibility – Improving ones flexibility not only allows for better and more efficient muscle growth, it is also one of the keys way to prevent injury when exercising. Tightness leads to strain on muscles, so when they are extremely fatigued the chances of them being pulled or torn shows a marked increase. Improving flexibility can also reduce or eradicate stiffness and soreness throughout the body.

Strengthen Muscle – Have you ever reached the end of a workout feeling like you just exercised a part of your body that you didn’t even realize existed? Well, you probably did! Or at least you exercised a part of your body that you’ve never focused on strengthening. Well, yoga to the rescue! The low impact activity is a whole body workout, focusing on many areas throughout. Developing a more rounded strength throughout your body not only increases overall power, but also is a preventative for injury.

Improve Joint Mobility– Yoga sessions are specifically designed around getting your body moving, and that includes each and every joint. It has been proven that the simple exercise of joints reduces the chance/intensity of degenerative arthritis.

Guest receiving a massage from spa employee at Jicaro Island Eco-LodgeAnd of course, after all that movement in our exhilarating yoga class, it is time to hit the spa. With two open air treatment rooms and private showers you can enjoy everything from Swedish massage to shiatsu and hot stone treatments. Need we say more?

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