Yoga tips for beginners


Yoga classes at Jicaro Island Ecolodge, Nicaragua

One of the many activities you can take part on while staying with us at Jicaro Island Eco Lodge is Yoga.

Yoga classes take place on a purpose built yoga deck that looks toward the lake and the Mombacho volcano, from beginner to advanced classes and touching on 3 different variations of yoga, the experience is one you cannot miss while visiting us.

The tranquility, and sensory activation you achieve through yoga are now world famous, and many people take on this activity every year. If you are thinking about joining us, Yoga enthusiasts, for the first time at Jicaro Lodge or you might be thinking of taking a few classes before making your way down to Nicaragua here are a few tips for beginners that will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Invest in a yoga mat.

This may seem like a smaller matter, but the security that comes from firm footing is hard to overrate. If you have never tried a mat before, borrow a friend’s so that you can feel the difference it makes. There are several sustainable mat options and most yoga specialized stores carry them, make sure to read the label.

Balance postures with meditation.

These days most yoga classes heavily emphasize  postures and focus solely on the physical practice. Some teachers do not include meditation in the class routine at all. But you should make sure that these two become a habit for you during your routine, it will make your experience a whole one and your yoga time of the day not only an athletic activity but a spiritual one as well.

Yoga in the warm afternoon!

Yoga in the warm afternoon!

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